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The Comfort of a Quilt in a Small Wearable Package
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Euthymic Threads welcomes You! 

Handmade gifts and crafting advice.

Euthymic Threads is a place for those who love handmade art and fabric. Intertwined within these threads you will find psychological inspiration. 

Euthymic is a psychological term meaning calm, pleasant, normal mood.  I hope that my images and art bring you an euthymic mood, despite whatever struggles you may be experiencing in life. 

For information about the term "euthymic," visit my "about" page.
Photograph of commissioned quilt, hand made for a new home in Door County, Wisconsin.  It remains one of my favorites.  The background is the actual wall where the quilt continues to rest today.  I love to use fabric to create images of nature.  I particularly enjoy creating whimsical suns. 

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