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Artist:  Dori Ann Bischmann

Dori Bischmann is a psychologist by day and artist by choice. 
   As a psychologist, Dr. Bischmann, works with older adults and people who are suffering from acute and chronic illnesses.  She is employed part-time at a large metropolitan hospital.  She also has a private practice which includes a suburban specialty hospital, outpatient clinic and specialty assessments for the county.  She is actively involved in her state and national provider association.
  As an artist, Dori likes to work with fabric and embellishments.  Originally, a traditional quilter, Dori began experimenting with original creative designs after a suggestion from an art therapist friend.  Since that time, Dori has created hundreds of designs.  Inspiration comes from her children's activities:  figure skating and marching band, but also just from life.
  Dori shares, "I find art to be a wonderful outlet to let the mind wander to ideas and images not yet imagined.  It is a nice counter balance for the heavy emotional work I do during the day.  I believe it is psychologically healthy to have a creative outlet.

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Quilt Artist and Crafter: quilts, jewelry, arts

Euthymic (euthymia) is a psychological term referring to a calm, pleasant, normal mood.  In contrast, dysthymic (dysthymia, dysphoria) is a sad, down mood.  Euphoria is an excessively high, joyous mood.  While normal mood varies, most people are typically euthymic.  People with depressive illness are dysthymic.  They experience an inability to feel happy or pleased.  People who are high on drugs can display excessively high, euphoric moods.  People with bipolar illness (manic depression) have periods of dysphoria and periods of euphoria.  I named my fiber art business "Euthymic Threads" because it blends both my role as psychologist and my role as quilt artist.  It also represents a calm, pleasant, normal mood which I hope my art generates in people who see it and/or wear my quilt pins, jewelry and arts and crafts.

Waukesha North marching band: inspiration for arts and crafts


I have many interests and inspiration comes from many sources. 

Here are a few links and photos of things that are an important part of my world.

This is a picture of the Waukesha North Northstar Marching Band Competing at Bands of American in 2011.  Both of my children played in the band and My husband and I have been band parents for 8 years.

For more information on Waukesha North Northstar Band, click on Northstars!

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Nature provides free art supplies!

These pine cones (and a couple of seed pods) were gathered in northern wisconsin.  

Change your art supplies in subtle ways

I bleached some of these pine cones for a different look. arts and crafts

Stay tuned for ideas to turn pinecones into a work of art!

So many little time.

Make time for art!  It's a good way to stimulate your brain and soothe your heart.