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What Inspires You?


There are an infinite number of colors and shades in our world.  Do you notice this diversity when you are out and about?  What draws your attention?  What colors do  you bring into your home?  Do these colors reflect who you are or are you just playing it safe?

I enjoy watching home improvement shows, especially those that transform a dull, outdated home into a one of a kind colorful retreat.

Bold colors are doable, but many people shy away from them.  When people decorate, they often focus on a particular aspect without being able to envision the entire room.  For example, what if you wanted to paint your walls orange?  Orange could be hideous (think pumpkin room) or a beautiful backdrop to more subtle furnishings that tone down the orange wall(s), but also incorporate (or blend) the color into the decorating scheme.  One doesn't have a room with orange walls with nothing in the room, right?  There are wood textures or painted woodwork, there is carpeting, tones in the furniture, linens and pillows, and even the colors seen through the window.  The next time you decorate a room, think bold and then tone it down with furnishings and decorating.

Creating art is similar to decorating.  Do you think that people will be interested in looking at neutral beige art?   Black and white can be bold in the right place, but typically it is color that makes the art.

Think bold and then go bold.  Do something different from your usual.  Look to nature, Pinterest, home improvement shows for inspiration.  Study the color wheel.  Look at fabrics.  How do various colors enhance other colors.  How does tone on tone play verses bold contrasting colors?  What happens when you add black into bold contrasting colors?  

I am mostly a fiber artist and color is only one aspect of my medium that I need to consider.  There are others such as texture, scale, thread count, and hue to name a few.

As you are noticing the color around you also pay attention to how scale and texture impact the colors you see.

It's up to you to take the time to observe and analyze what you see.  You might be surprised at how the world takes on an amazing new life of it's own.

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